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Foxy LadyWelcome to my site, I hope you will find information to amuse, entertain and maybe enlighten you and I hope you will return often, since the content is always being updated.

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Here are some tips and hints sent by Members answering various pleas for information. Maybe they will be of help to you.


I used to burn up a mouse every 3 month, and I'd always purchase the cheapest one I could find. If it burns up in 3 months, why spend more. The clerk suggested getting a more costly mouse, like Microsoft, well, I purchased a Kensington mouse that was about half as much as a Microsoft Mouse, and back then they came with a 5 Year warranty. After purchasing one for each machine, I didn't have to spend again until I switched to trackballs. The only mouse I had to replace was one of the optical Kensingtons. I phoned the toll free number, and they shipped a new one out. Didn't even have to return the other. Just cut the cord in half, and toss it in the trash.

Here's the URL. www.kensington.com


Instead of storing staples in the original cartons (they usually start out half empty anyway), store them in some Tupperware modular mates.


I purchased a new washer last August. The instructions said to use High Efficiency detergent. (It's a front loader.) But our Maytag man said to simply use 1/2 the normal amount of any detergent. Also, to wipe inside the rubber ring that lines the door weekly. Once a month, clean it with Affresh. The Maytag man sells Affresh for a pretty price, but I did some searching on the internet, and found it cheaper.


Now that's a hard thing. For any trip, I suggest making a list in your word processor with a series of check boxes. So, when you're packing, all you need to do is to check off the item as you put it in your luggage. Bring the list along, and when you realize you've forgotten something, add it to your list, then update the file when you return home. A few trips later, you'll have a complete list. At that point, keep printing it out prior to your trip, and keep using it!

For the holiday part, if you're traveling by air, don't wrap the presents because security may open them. Simply take along the wrapping paper, and do your gift wrapping when you arrive at your destination. Better yet, bring gift bags. Should make your wrapping so much easier, and for your older recipients, it's so much easier for them simply to dig into your bags!


Save both time and money, and serve up lovely nutritious meals into the bargain - a Foxie says "I love Slow Cookers as I can put meat in there with veggies and let it cook from morning to when we have dinner."

Here is a wonderful tip to keep all your fingers attached to your hand!

When chopping, curl you fingers back into a loose fist so the part of your finger between the first and second knuckle is parallel to the blade. That way, you won't chop your finger tips off.


Get your coffee pot ready at night so when you wake up it is already perking and making the house smell alive.

When I cook I make 4 times the amount of food needed. The leftover food I put in Storage Bags and freeze in the freezer to take out later and just reheat for quick dinners.

This saves not only on time but money by buying in bulk.

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